Adspy – 41.5 million ads across 182 countries

Need a straight answer to the question; how do I see my competitors on Facebook ads?

Adspy is a massive database of clear-cut detailed info and data on who your competitors are, the kind of ads they run, how they target the right audience, time and duration of ads, and how many exposure each ad receives on Facebook.

Even if you are new to selling and don’t know what niche is lucrative Adspy becomes a digital gadget for scouting for several global money-mine markets with great potential.

Plus you get to have a full details of each market. Adspy saves you fortune when AB-testing campaigns, uncovers winning products, and brings compelling campaign ideas upfront. Simply put, this tool is a result-focused social media ad companion on your SMM journey.

And it comes in some of the most price-wise subscription plans.

What is Adspy ?

At first use one would gather Adspy is an Ad intelligent search tool with an efficient and superfast server at the backend, and an intuitive interface on the frontend.

A combination of a big data space and a user friendly control system for easy-to-mine, efficient, and niche-targeted data of high accuracy degree. 

What usual ad spying problems does Adspy kicks off the way? Adspy solves the problem of the usual spammed featured ads on Facebook.

It rewrites the scary rumor of how Facebook ads fail.

To beginners and experts Adspy is an entry level into the entire SMM system with such search features as; Ad Text, competitors’ networks, competitors’ affiliate ID and offer ID, a filter option for your breakdown searches of products, ads, and niches, and even more. 

How does Adspy operate? How does it make sure you run the right ads?

On the Adspy interface, there is an option-loaded search engine for your research.

For your general searches the search engine spots an enhanced basic search feature and an advanced filters search option when you’re specific with a search.

You may decide to search competitors, ads, and products by name, or by any text you can recall from an ad you’re looking to reach, or by the number of likes, comments, or shares you’d want your own add to reach.

Adspy also lets you search by the platform the ad is run on be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform.

To make sure you run the right ad, Adspy uses a rapid interface with efficient programming and presents data in a clean way.

Why you want Adspy

Are you an amazon affiliate marketer? A dropshipper on Shopify? Or you have an online store or sell online courses on Udemy?

This tool is for you! Immediately you receive an Affiliate link offer from a program Adspy runs the needed deep search to check how promising the program is.

Just with the affiliate link sent to you, Adspy separates lucrative affiliate programs from the mediocre. Makes it easy to make the right investment, right?

As a beginner dropshipper or and a new Amazon affiliate marketer you need to choose niches with high, quick, and long-term return on investments, Adspy cuts the long story short and simplifies the entire niche hunting process.

You also need Adspy to scout for winning products on the long-run. Same applies to an online virtual products seller.


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