AdClarity – Uncover Your competitors’ traffic sources 2020

Adclarity is a full-control social platforms advert strategy building tool developed ground-up to put an end to every social digital planning blindness as the name implies.

This amazing tool helps make accurate brand equity/prominence measurement giving an insight into the future of yours and your competitors’ brand.

Adclarity is a widget for direct contact with sources of new business opportunities and clear view of the most secret hot markets with untapped revenues.

Get your two feet into Adclarity’s big data ocean for a continuous currents of programmatic ads/campaigns strategies you need to reach your marketing goals. Adclarity opens the way to several alternative sources for real-time clients.

And finally escalate the SOV of visitors on your site and bounce back on bounce rate by directing only the right audience thanks to Adclarity’s cross-channel programmatic digital ad solution.

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What is Adclarity? Let’s explore!

The tool is simply a cross-channel programmatic SMM software for boosting ROI of social media ventures through ads.

As a cross-channel solution that implements standard REST API with JSON response in place of http/s Adclarity displays real data intuitively on mobiles, desktops, and videos.

Thereby making it your readily available soft appliance across the globe. Adclarity implements a programmatic intelligence that has made exactly 11, 573, 849 campaign scans, 12, 876, 844 URL scans, and 21, 235, 645 page publishers scans so far and brought them to the limelight of enterprises.

What are the challenges in social media you can overcome with Adclarity?

Adclarity allows you to bypass those failure panels to put you in charge of your organic reach.

You have an easier faster connection with influencers, grow steady follower engagement, and get over with the guesswork to create immersive content formats.

How does Adclarity function?

In order to bring you sliced and diced data whenever wherever Adclarity API is topnotch engineered toward in-house competition research and intelligence data processing in real time.

This data is documented in a comprehensive manner in the Adclarity comprehensive API portal developed for documentation.

And you can export them into your excel files on autopilot every time. How do you use Adclarity? You don’t need to be techy, as long as you have used several search engines or conversant with SEO tools, you will use Adclarity to your advantage.

Why You Want Adclarity

To an advertiser Aclariity takes benchmarking to a whole new level by enabling a fast creation of custom dashboards against the pressing competition.

Adclarity draws advertisers closer to the newest marketing trends and receive updates on the most recent fresh data day in day out.

If you are an ad-network or and an agency you can admit that working your head off to keep the ads running is enough work on its own to talk of turning around to communicate with your sale’s team.

But with Adclarity ads that work like charm bounces off of you easily and enhancing the pipeline of your sale’s team automatically into your CRM with cold hard leads is as simple as ABC.

Lastly Adclarity extends its offerings toward online publishers. Empowering publishers with tools for policing content breaches violation in real time.

Collecting the required that from competitors to get in touch with the hottest offers and reaches.


Adclarity Services


AdClarity does not sell traffic as it is not an exchange program.

Yes! They have a good service they are committed to their clients. they guarantee that every department understands the best way to use AdClarity for their particular needs.

Desktop Display, Mobile Display, Desktop Video, Mobile Video, Android In-App, and iOS In-App and more coming

They can detect Pre/Mid/Post-roll Videos, X/Y Position, and Transaction Method (Programmatic Vs. Direct method ).
Full info can be found in thier docs.

Native is on its next roadmap and is expected to be completed this week.

their system recognizes campaigns that are advertised on publisher sites. Extracts for AdRoll and social are in our live future.
they support Facebook landing pages

The full Media Intelligence solution

Get the actionable insights produced by the system empower you to explore new traffic sources, reveal media actions of others, and make knowledgeable decisions about your display projects that will follow in expanded reach and increased returns.

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